How to implement testing operation practically :-


In this article, I am explaining the steps of testing, suppose you are freshers and the first time you are doing testing operations then how to implement testing practically that thing I am introducing in this article.

1)  create a Test Case Report with the following steps:-

1.1)  Requirement Analysis:-


       Domain:-  Real estate

       Category:- Rental Services

       Type of Users:-

        1)  Guest

        2)  Property Owner (Register, Login, Add property, View Property, Edit Property, View Booking, Logout)

        3)  Property Broker(Register, Login, Add property, View Property, Edit Property, View Booking, Logout)

        4)  Tenant or Rent(Register, Login, Search Property, Booking, View the Previous booking)

        5)  Admin(Manage Category, Subcategory, View Properties, View Owners details, View Broker Details, View Bookings, Logout)

    1.2)   Create a Test scenario:- it decides test coverage means how many parts of the application will be tested is managed by the scenario.

1)  Verify Login Form and Registration of Owner.

2)  Verify the header section of guest

1.3)   Design Test Case:- using this phase QA team will prepare a checklist of specific test case scenarios using project documents and design documents.

(Test Case Id, Test Case Description, Expected Result)

 1.4)   Verify Environment:-  

We will cross-check the check environment or machine that contains software applications.

 1.5)   Execute Test Case:- QA team will execute designed test cases and determine bugs if the expected result of an application is not matching from the actual result.

1.6) Create Bug Report:-   Create a bug report and send it to the developer

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