Load Testing Explaination Step by Step



It is used to check load under any application using number of user request, without tools no one can implememt Load Testing.

Apache JMeter is the best tool to implement Load Testing Operation

1)  download Apache JMeter Binary File


2)  Extract this file and go into bin folder and click on jmeter window batch file

3)  Now right click on Testplan and add ---> Threads---> Thread Group

Number of Threads 100

Ramp up per second 100

Loop Count 10

4)  Now Right Click on Thread Group and Add HttpRequestDefaults Option

ThreadGroup---> ConfigElement ---> HttpRequestDefault and Path 

Path:-  http://www.shivaconceptsolution.com

5)  Add HttpRequest to test any web page

Right Click on Thread Group ---> Sampler----> HttpRequest

6)  Add Graph Result Right Click on Thread Group ----> Listner ---> Grpah Result

Observe Result if Throughput is higher then server is better and deviation is less then server perfomance is good.

Throughput display result in per minut

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