Most important Salesforce Admin Interview Question?


  Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

Here is a list of some Top 55 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions:

  1. What is cloud Computing?
  2. What is Paas, Saas, Iaas?
  3. What is Sandbox and the Type of Sandbox in Salesforce?
  4. What is Object in Salesforce?
  5. What are the different types of object relations in Salesforce.
  6. What is a Master–Detail relationship in Salesforce?
  7. What is a junction object in Salesforce?
  8. How many LR(lookup relationship) fields can be created in an object?
  9. What is a Roll-up Summary field
  10. How many way to create What is a Roll-up Summary field
  11. What is field dependency
  12. What is the difference between role and profile
  13. What are Permission sets?
  14. What is use of muting permission set in permission set group
  15. How many ways we can share a record?
  16. What are Audit Fields in Salesforce?
  17. What is an Audit trail?
  18. What is a Queue in Salesforce?
  19. What is a Public Group
  20. Difference between static and dynamic dashboards in Salesforce?
  21. What are the different types of reports available in Salesforce?
  22. What is Report Type?
  23. What are WhoId and WhatId in activities?
  24. What is a bucket field in reports?
  25. Way to clean data in Salesforce
  26. Differences between Import wizard and Data loader
  27. What is “Data Skew” in Salesforce
  28. What is cascade deletion?
  29. What is a Flow?
  30. Types of flows in Salesforce
  31. Name a few global variables which are used in formula and validation rules.
  32. Is there any special permission available to edit read only fields. Please explain
  33. What are the differences between Object-specific action and global actions?
  34. Mention one impact point to check before deleting a role from the org.
  35. Let’s say I create two accounts a1 and a2. Now I make a2 as the parent of a1. Now what will happen if I try to make a1 parent of a2
  36. How do you pass the current record id to a screen flow? Also is it possible to send the entire record?
  37. How do you check your org is in which release
  38. What is a big object? Give an example of a standard big object
  39. Is it possible to use formula field in roll up summary calculation which is referring to another object?
  40. Suppose there is a custom field which has a default value but not added to the page layout. Now, if you clone a record from the UI, what would be the value of the field in the new record?
  41. What is the consideration while deleting an approval process?
  42. What happens during Lead merging?
  43. What is Apex Hammer?
  44. How do you convert 15 digit record Id to 18 digit Id in formula and validation rule?
  45. Is it possible to hard delete records using data loader?
  46. Is it possible to show validation errors in screen flow?
  47. You have created a custom object. While creating a report on the object, you are not getting the option to select the object in the report builder. What could be the issue?
  48. What are the possible statuses of a permission set group?
  49. How can we enable email approval response? Mention a few response keywords which will approve/reject the request
  50. You are not getting an option to create list custom settings. Which setting needs to be enabled?
  51. Once a lead is converted it is not visible anymore in the UI. Is there any permission available to view converted leads?
  52. You are trying to convert a master detail relationship field to lookup relationship. But you are not able to see the change field type button. What could be the reason?
  53. One of the users in your org is not able to create campaigns. You checked the profile/ permission sets and ensured that he has access to create campaigns. What could be the reason?
  54. What happens when you try to delete a public group?
  55. What happens when you try to delete a queue?
  56.  Compare Salesforce Dev 401 with Salesforce Adv Dev 501.
  57. What is the benefit of Salesforce CRM?
  58. What are custom objects in Salesforce?
  59. Define object relationships in Salesforce.
  60. List various object relations in Salesforce.
  61. What is an app in Salesforce?
  62. Explain the advantages of Salesforce using the SaaS platform.
  63.  How does Salesforce deploy sales tracking?
  64.  What are workflows in Salesforce? What are actions in a workflow?
  65. What is a master-detail relationship?
  66. What are Workflows in Salesforce? What are Actions in a workflow?
  67.  What is a connected app?
  68. What are the different types of Reports available in Salesforce?
  69. What is a static resource in Salesforce?


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