MySQL for Developers


MySQL for Developers:-

Before reading this you should read the following articles related to the database.

 If you are Web Developers or Desktop Developers then you should have knowledge of MYSQL Commands, Methods, and Operator to perform database operation.

When you create a database of any software then first you should know about table implementation.

Now MYSQL Provide GUI tools using this we can easily create database and table structure, you can easily create Primary Key, Foreign-Key, Index, etc.

If you are PHP or Java Developer then you can use PHPMYADMIN or MYSQL Yog Software tools of MYSQL.

When you work on PHP Software or Web development then XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP this software by default has MYSQL Server. then no need to install MYSQL separately.

How to work MYSQL With XAMPP?

1)  INSTALL XAMPP to download from

2)  Open XAMPP Control Panel and Start MYSQL and Apache both

3)  Open Web Browser and type localhost/PHPMyAdmin

4)  It provides offline web-based IDE using this you can create database and table

5) Click on Databases option

6)  Write database name according to your working project, for example, my project is computer sales and services then it will create database name as csr1 then click on Create button.

7)  Select the Database then Create a table.

Now I am creating a user registration table using 5 different column

8) Click on go button:-

now create table column using Name and Type and length option if you are taking varchar then length is mandatory.

 8)  Create a primary key to userid or any unique column key. 

You should scroll table structure and go on Index Column.

The primary key will be single in one table and it provided unique and not null column values.

9)  Click on Save button on bottom then table will be created